Integral reforms

Comprehensive reform ...


MS has a team of highly qualified human resources at your service to carry out any type of reform in your home.

We are able to carry out your reform or rehabilitation without the need for you to worry about many aspects necessary for the execution of the same, since we have a large number of professionals and companies that collaborate with us in various fields such as: Masonry , Plumbing, Electricity, Wood, Aluminum, Glazing, Locksmith, Paintings, Parquet, Heating, Pladur and Plaster.


Refurbishment of kitchens ...


MS is a company that builds and reforms kitchens nationwide, especially in the province of Alicante.

We know that the kitchen is the soul of any home, so we like to design each of our projects as unique and special. The reform of a kitchen must respond to the needs in our daily routine, in addition to being beautiful and having the best finishes of great quality.

In terms of kitchen design there is a variety for all tastes. Large kitchens with central island or breakfast bar, kitchens with peninsula or small kitchens where we can also make the most of the space.

Whatever your project is, we will advise you on each step of the kitchen renovation project, from the choice of the type of floor or tile, the distribution of the points of light or the design of the main cooking elements. < / p>


Renovation of bathrooms ...


In MS we carry out all types of bathroom renovations in Alicante, Elche, Almoradí, or any other town in the province and surroundings.

If you want to reform your bathroom, we will advise you both on the design and execution of the entire renovation work. We will analyze the space that we have available for the new bathroom, whether it is removing the bathtub from the shower, relocating the toilets and taps or creating a bathroom from scratch.

In our construction and renovation company we are the latest in bathroom design and we work with the best brands such as Roca.

3D Design

3D design. Renders and infographics.


MS from its technical department performs 3D design work, also called render or infographic, so you can visualize your kitchen, bathroom, living room reform, comprehensive reform, or commercial premises with all the finishes and have the option to change the colors, furniture, countertops, distribution and other elements of a reform.




Over the years the works evolve, so it is necessary to adapt day by day to the needs of the market. MS has a highly qualified human team, being able to capture any idea or project that you present to us. The safety and health in our works is one of our main priorities. Therefore, in all the works we carry out, we put special emphasis on putting all the necessary means to fulfill them. In this way we are contributing to improve the rate of work-related accidents that still remains very high in our country even today.

Moving the saying "Turnkey" to our business policy, we offer our clients the possibility of building their home completely finished, since we have highly qualified collaborating companies in all the fields necessary for the execution of their home. In construction, MS has its own workforce, without the need for intermediaries and subcontractors to increase costs, thus offering the maximum guarantees of quality and safety. And in short, thank our numerous customers for the trust placed in our company since thanks to them we keep improving day by day.




MS is a company specialized in the realization of reinforced concrete structures. In recent years our company has experienced controlled growth, diversifying our activity in public works. We carry out all types of reinforced concrete structures, reticular, unidirectional forgings, solid slabs and post-tensioned slabs. This last system allows to obtain large lights between pillars and high overloads of use. The accredited experience and the continuous training of our workers makes our final product of high quality.

Pladur and Plaster

Pladur and Plaster


In MS since the creation 12 years ago of the laminated gypsum department (PLADUR) and plaster, we set ourselves the goal of offering our clients a high degree of quality in our finishes. The Pladur allows you to create incredible shapes within your home or office; It is undoubtedly the best way to capture your imagination and achieve the decoration that best suits your taste.

We carry out any type of work in Pladur such as: lighting in Pladur, washbasins and bathrooms with Pladur walls and furniture, ceilings and false Pladur ceilings, combinations of Pladur and other materials (glass, wood, etc), provisions special for offices and commercial premises with Pladur, custom furniture Pladur and any type of reform with Pladur. The Pladur allows you to create elements that can be completed with other materials such as wood, glass, stone. It comes in boards of different sizes and is classified as M-1 (non-flammable). With Pladur you can make all kinds of ceilings, partitions, walls, partitions between houses, ventilation ducts, etc.

Admits any type of finish (painting, wallpapering, tiling, etc.) in all types of work: renovation, rehabilitation and new plant.

PLADUR is a Laminated Gypsum Board, composed of a gypsum core covered by two layers of special multi-leaf cellulose, which comes in the form of boards of different thicknesses. It has a long history, since it was born in the United States in 1890 and arrived in Europe in 1917. Since then, more than 100,000 million square meters of this product have been placed worldwide, due to the good relationship it offers between its price and the final quality of the product. It is a pleasant material to the touch, warm, not flammable, which can be cut, screwed, drilled, nailed, glued and decorated with great ease and which, moreover, is resistant to shock and fire, thermal and acoustic insulation and regulator. humidity. Pladur placement is quick and easy and allows straight and curved shapes. The Pladur is used in false ceilings, partitions, built-in wardrobes, fireplaces and Pladur furniture, although the placement in each case is different.

- Great level of thermal comfort.
- Maximum acoustic insulation.
- Speed ​​of execution.
- Realization in dry, cleaner work.
- Decrease in the volume of debris.
- Greater coordination of guilds in the work.

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